I was officially accepted into the Student Affairs Counseling program at SUNY Plattsburgh! Thank you basketball…

What does college basketball have to do with my acceptance into the graduate program at SUNY Plattsburgh you ask? Actually, they are more related than you would think. March Madness is officially here and the positive affect basketball has had on my life is something that resonates in my mind on a daily basis.

I decided to attend SUNY Plattsburgh as a junior in high school, but I never imagined having a chance to get my master’s degree. Realistically, I imagined scraping by in college while playing basketball because I had no confidence in who I was as a student. It all started with basketball though. Basketball was the only reason college even entered my thoughts and I’m sure that is why my dad pushed me to get better every day. I knew his plan a long time ago. šŸ™‚ Good idea paps.

Basketball made me structure my day around practice, lift, individual workouts and away trips. Skipping a meal and going to the library became a habit and coffee became a necessity. So yeah, basketball was a hassle sometimes, but it was also the motivation. I’m not going as far to say basketball saved me because it didn’t. I would of been fine if I didn’t go to college, but I definitely have a better chance. Basketball gave me the opportunity to make new friends, hear different perspectives and now get a master’s degree.

Sports don’t get you good grades, make you do community service, or get you into graduate school. It does however give you a chance to find a path that leads to a career of your choosing. That is why march madness and graduate school are more related than you might have thought.

Graduate Program

(AND BY THE WAY… Thank you Plattsburgh for giving me a mini-heart attack by writing the wrong program on my acceptance letter! Student Affairs Counseling program is the correct one.)