I am playing a game. It’s called, Sift-out-the-political-bullshit 2k15, and the difficulty is on legendary. Welcome to America though. Nothing has changed.

Every time we have to choose a new lunatic to become our Commander in Chief , I sit on the computer or in front of the TV and ask myself one question: Which one of these manipulative asshats should I gift wrap my one vote for? This is a tough question and I am going to tell you why.

Our president is in a relationship with the American people. In a relationship, you need trust. Here lies a problem. Not a single inkling of trust has entered my mind for any of the bozos that have walked across the debate stage. Not one. It seems to me that there are three or four general speed bumps that force me to pull over to the side of the presidential interstate. Also, this list does not include the one about trust and why these political flip floppers cannot be trusted. That is for another post, plus I practically already told you that.

But anyway, the previous problems I mentioned are:

  1. Not enough political experience. If a candidate doesn’t have political experience, I cannot bring myself to vote for him or her. How does someone stand up politically in our nation or deal with foreign affairs if they have little to no political experience? I can’t answer that question. Maybe someone else can.
  2. Scandals. Although I shouldn’t have to explain, I will. Scandals aren’t always true. Sometimes scandals produce false claims in another candidate’s effort to vandalize the campaign of another candidate. I understand that, but scandals should at least make you think. At this point in my young politically-uninvolved life, I don’t trust most candidates who have acquired a scandal del grande. (If you didn’t understand the Taco Bell reference, leave now.)
  3. Idealistic claims: PAGING BERNIE SANDERS… PAGING BERNIE SANDERS! You know, I think I almost fell for it. I almost fell for the idealistic experience or “political revolution” that Bernie Sanders is feeding us. Then I realized that there is no way he accomplishes what he says he will accomplish, especially because of the opposition that he will face in the near future of a presidency. Because of this, I cannot vote for someone if I think they will spend most of their time on failing to tuition for colleges free or making everything equal, even when people do not deserve it.
  4. The candidate’s name is Donald Trump. I WILL NOT explain why. If you ask, you are either wasting my time or being an asshat on purpose… and most likely both.

So, what is there to do? Many people tell me that I should pick the lesser of all evils. Is that what our political system has forced us to do? Choose the lesser of all evils? If that is the case, I will politely take the vote that I have rightfully earned as a citizen and put it in my pocket. Unless someone changes my mind, that is exactly what I will do. Thank you US government, but no thank you. I won’t vote for someone that I don’t believe in just because everyone else sucks less.

Either find me someone who I think can run the country that I love, or I won’t participate in the nonsense that you call the presidential election.