Graduation is just the Beginning.

Welcome to what used to be my blog and what is now my professional portfolio! This blog is now a collaboration of personal and professional pieces that I will be putting together to show the kind of person I am and the kind of professional I would like to be. In case you are wondering what profession I am speaking of, I will tell you a little about myself and my pursuit of a career in Student Affairs on a college campus.

Throughout my collegiate career I have been given every opportunity to succeed. The foundation of my success has been built from the ongoing support from my advisors and professors, who quickly became my role models.My pursuit for a career in student affairs in higher education is an effort to become a similar role model for other upcoming young professionals. As a mentor and educator, I aim to have the same positive impact that my peers have had on my education and life.

As I approach the milestone of graduating from SUNY Plattsburgh as a public relations major, I am eager to shoot into the world of Student Affairs through a graduate program or an institution that fits me. I have experience in several areas of Student Affairs including resident life as a community advocate, administration as the assistant of the Vice President of Student Affairs and academic advising as a Teacher’s Assistant in the Student at Risk (STAR) Program at SUNY Plattsburgh.

I have finally realized that my education doesn’t stop when I walk across the stage at graduation.

In fact, it is just beginning.

23 thoughts on “Graduation is just the Beginning.

  1. Waddya say you move to Wisconsin and be my new best friend? :) I kid, but seriously. You are a supremely intelligent and wise person. I knew you were out there, and THATS why I NEVER lost my humanity.


  2. machinegunmama you are the best! Wisconsin huh? My favorite teacher is from Wisconsin so I’ve heard a million and one stories about that great state! I really appreciate your kind words which in turn keep me in the right mindset!


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