I Like To Rant About People’s Tweets Sometimes.

I haven’t blogged in a while, but sometimes I just need to write…type…whatever.

DISCLAIMER: This blogpost is in the form of a rant. 

I ran into a tweet today that made my blood boil. It said, “I don’t see what black men see in white women.” Now, this tweet didn’t frustrate me (only) because I felt it it insulted white women, but it frustrated me because I would NEVER in my life say the same thing about black women. I would never say, “I don’t see what white women see in black women.” I am going to list a couple reasons why I would never utter those words.

1) I have too much respect for the black women in my life, or not, to ever say clump them together as a whole. I don’t know all black women in this world, therefore I won’t put them in a group together, although the friends that I love are beautiful people.

2) Black women are beautiful- I’ll come back to this statement because there are two statements that do not go hand in hand and I want to differentiate between the two, which he obviously did not do.

3) Value in skin color. Skin color doesn’t make your value any higher or lower when it comes to who you are in love with.

I digress.

The entire statement annoys me, so lets go back to number 2. Black women are beautiful. Oh, and white women are beautiful. Oh yeah, latina women are beautiful, etc etc etc. I think you get the point. Stop trying to devalue or decrease worth in an entire population of women! Black women are beautiful, absolutely, but that doesn’t mean that white women or any others are not!

One argument I saw was, “black men who find a white women, could have found everything they need in a black women.” Well guess what society, being in love isn’t just about what a person needs to survive in life, but also about what a person WANTS to be able to thrive and be happy. I may someday find a black women that I would like to be with for the entirety of my life… That in NO WAY devalues the population of white women in this world. The reason I would be with a black women isn’t because white women are not valuable, or cannot give me what I need. I would be with that person because I connect with them on a level that I could not do with another person. I don’t understand how that makes white women any less valuable. Anyway, I think that statement is plainly ignorant. Stop trying to show value in one race by degrading and decreasing value in another.

Women; Your worth is not dependent on your skin color. Your worth to your significant other DOES NOT change based on the color of your skin, and portraying that it does is completely wrong.

-Mykul Mitch

I Was Wrong.

I was looking back at the last ten blogposts that I published for numerous reasons. Most of them were assignments considering I was going through the common freakout that is pre-graduation, but in all actuality, it wasn’t even that bad! So, here is a little update.

I ended my collegiate career with EXACTLY the gpa that I set for myself during my second semester freshman year. That is an individual accomplishment right there and I am proud of it! I have written about my accomplishments as a basketball player because most of college was all about basketball. I have always felt that way though. I always felt that basketball was the biggest part of my career at Plattsburgh and because of that, I was in trouble when it came to my future career. It was overwhelming to think that I had taken up so much time doing other things that didn’t pertain to my major, yet I was about to graduate. I seriously thought that I was in trouble when it came to my future career. 

I was wrong. 
Although I haven’t had any incredible job offers, or breakthroughs as a future professional, I am doing just fine. I am actually doing exactly what I thought I would be doing in the three weeks after I walked across the stage and into the next chapter of my life. Also, just because I like to brag about my friends…

I had the most amazing last two weeks with the perfect group of people. It felt like time was in slow motion. I sat around on the porch and in the yard, drinking a brew and playing four square (Thanks Dani and Sarah) with people that I have lived with for the past four years. I love them more than anything and I hope they know that. Through thick and thin, the arguments and annoyances, I will always love my friends dearly. They are lifelong and I knew it from the start. 

Anyway, I am on my way to a couple of interviews doing two completely different jobs. One is up north and one is down south. I have absolutely no idea where I will be in the next couple months. I don’t know what I will be doing. That is extremely exciting. Yes, I have loans to pay off. Yes, I am currently looking for a career that I enjoy doing, but I am not worried about it at all. I have the connections, the degree, the work ethic, and I am searching for the one opportunity to combine all of them into a bright future. SO, I will keep it short.

I am going to find what I truly want to do. I will find a way to get a paycheck every couple weeks so I can buy a membership to a country club for me and my paps so we can play golf whenever we want. That is my new sport for now, by the way.

I don’t have to take charges and I rarely roll my ankles, so I’m enjoying it. 

But anyway, I will do so much during my future. I am sure of it. I am only twenty-one years old and I have a whole life ahead of me. I can’t believe I was so negative!

I seriously thought that I was in trouble when it came to my future career. 

I was wrong.

Rolling Stone

Although this Rolling Stone story was extremely long, I read it in one sitting. Do you want to know why? Because it was interesting, controversial, and it showed me that ethical guidelines in journalism are not always followed.

I want to brag about technology and then tell you why I have a problem with the Erdely the journalist who wrote the story. We have technology that can do a million different things for the people that use it. Almost everyone has a facebook, twitter, or some kind of social media site that puts at least some of their life out there for people to see or read. If a person’s location is on during their tweets, you could literally stalk them and that is scary, and in this case, the reason why I think the author did not to do enough to find out the truth about the story or people in the story.

The biggest mistake I think Erdely made was trusting Jackie. I feel that if you are a journalist who breaks large stories like this one, you should assume that your source is lying. When yu assume that your source is lying, you are forced to do all the investigative work to prove that they are. If you indeed cannot prove they are lying, then you have done everything you can to investigate and report the story.

Of course, I am going all libel crazy on you because I just wrote an entire paper for media law about the libelous material that Erdely wrote, but that isn’t what I want to talk about.

I am concerned with this story because of the negative affect it will have on convicting people of rape. It is one of the most disgusting crimes a person can commit and it seems that we are seeing it more and more everyday. That is why this article and libel case concern me. We can’t have setbacks like that. I don’t know what it is going to have to happen to delete that culture that exists in our country, but stories like that are definitely not helping.

This is one thing to think about if you are a journalist. What kind of affect can big name stories have on our a society as a whole and what are some ways we can avoid these setbacks? We often talk about the way journalism has affected our society and I am not sure there is a better example of a negative affect than this one. I hope this teaches other journalists to be more careful when investigating and reporting, especially about this subject.

Rory McIlroy of Northern Ireland watches his tee shot on the 10th hole during the first round of the PGA Championship at Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville

Golf, A Golf Prodigy, and Appreciation of the Sport

The only thing that truly interests me about golf is the amount of money they raise for charities annually. (I’ve played golf with my dad before, and I am terrible, so I have much more respect for people who are good golfers.)

In an article by the CEO of The World Golf Foundation Steve Mona, he said The game raises more money for charitable causes than the NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA combined. According to a study conducted by the National Golf Foundation, golf’s charitable impact in 2011 was $3.9 billion.” That is purely amazing to me, but that isn’t what I wanted to write about today. I just figured it was a fun fact that you may want to know.

I recently read, Rory McIlroy Has the Best Swing in Golf, by Charles Siebert in New York Times Magazine. First off, what an amazingly written article. I am a person who doesn’t like golf as much as I like basketball, but I can honestly say that this article had me more interested than any piece about basketball ever did. I couldn’t help but envision McIlroy as a kid, crisply smacking golf balls hundreds down the fairway.

That same kid, who innocently produced an eighty-six in an eighteen-hole round at the age of 8 years-old, now has the opportunity to become the sixth-man to win all four majors. It makes me ponder the thought of these kids becoming stars in what seems to be a couple years. These kids start their commitment to greatness incredibly early. By the time they are in high school, a national spotlight is beaming down on them. National teenage golfer rankings are flying past their heads. What about their childhood though?

This article showed me that I may not have enough appreciation for the commitment golfers make at an early age. Every time I turn around there is another young golf-prodigy breaking records for the “youngest golfer to ever (fill in the blank with something amazing).”

Take a look at the article if you will and learn about the next Tiger Woods. It seems to me that he could be that, and much much more.

Just something to think about.

Passion Vs Need


Had to reblog this. Powerful and thought provoking!

Originally posted on For The Soul:

In this world, passion must be worked on
To be so dedicated to something, it engulfs you
To want something so much, it consumes you
I envy those with passion
I never mastered it
Passion never paid the bills

Maybe it’s because passion is a commitment without physical pay
The only motivator being my happiness at the end of the day
And it’s possible that 9-5 was the only way to pay the bills
So that passion, slipped through the cracks

But the money only made me feel alive for so long,
I don’t think it was fond of me either
It never stayed long
Probably because I spent it
On those friends only there when I needed a crowd
But when money left me, the silence…
It was deafeningly, violently, loud

Then one day, someone I knew not too well
Asked me if the money made me feel alive,

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I’m Definitely Not Done.

The truth is, this is only the beginning.

Just a snippet.

I’m forgetful too often.

Your 20s are your glory years.

The greatest time of your life.

So they say.

What about passion?

and my goals.

The next generation,

in need of inspiration.


Have you forgotten?

I’m not here for me.

I was planted to grow,

My roots have deepened,

soiled with minerals of the surrounding.

Still got time, because I’m not done.

I’m definitely not done.

Avoiding Minor Anxiety Attacks Is Getting Easier

The way I push traffic to my blog is probably pretty annoying, but at least it’s working. As a public relations student who is nearing graduation, I might have to drive traffic to a website someday. In all actuality, this blog is for me and my future!

Lately I have been noticing how much positivity came out of making this blog. I’m learning a little bit of code, (even more than I did in web design class…) I get to speak my mind freely, show people what I think, and maybe even inspire a couple people. I even gain perspectives from all directions considering I follow some interesting people on wordpress.

I think that is awesome.

This post is just a little reflection. Just a little tidbit of positive information that seems to be a rarity lately. I’m not as worried about little things right now. Well, not as worried as I was at least, but this is a time that is full of decision, decisions and more decisions!

Graduate school? A job? Run away? (just kidding)

This last month of my collegiate career and I am starting to get excited. Yes I do have some brief moments of freaking out which last a couple days, but I know I can do this! It is just going to take time and hard work. If I keep reminding myself of that, maybe I will avoid the minor anxiety attacks that have riddled my week lately.