This is Me. Whatever That May Mean to You.


Yup! That is me. :)

I haven’t taken a single step into the spectrum they call, “The Real World.” At this point in my life, I am a year or two away from catapulting into this unknown territory and YES, I am excited. I have accomplished more than I thought I could, but it started with some goal setting.

When I graduated from high school in New Hampshire, I told myself that I would do 5 things.

1) Make my parents proud.

2) Help someone.

3) Stay in contact with my best friend.

4) Play basketball in college.

5) Move away from New Hampshire.

From what I know, I have completed most of those things. To the best of my ability? Maybe not.

I stayed in contact with my best friend from high school for a while, I make my parents proud(ish), played basketball in college and I even moved from New Hampshire to Alabama. (I’ll explain later) I think I even helped some people along the way.

My junior year at SUNY Plattsburgh was my most successful year. I found many things.

I found love. Not a partner kind of love. I mean a love for life. I found a love for walking up and down the streets of Plattsburgh while soaking up the essence of what it is to be ALIVE.

Now I am in the midst of the pre-graduation anxiety attack that resides in my mind on a daily basis. Some of you may understand that. I’ll get it together soon while living the way I would like.

Some may agree with the way I live. Some may not.

Either way, This is ME. Whatever that may mean to you.

25 thoughts on “This is Me. Whatever That May Mean to You.

  1. Waddya say you move to Wisconsin and be my new best friend? :) I kid, but seriously. You are a supremely intelligent and wise person. I knew you were out there, and THATS why I NEVER lost my humanity.


  2. machinegunmama you are the best! Wisconsin huh? My favorite teacher is from Wisconsin so I’ve heard a million and one stories about that great state! I really appreciate your kind words which in turn keep me in the right mindset!


    1. Wow thank you Maria you are the best. I will have to accept it tomorrow with my post because I had surgery today and I’m not up for writing. Thank you for your kind words and keep writing you have a great blog.


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