I hate tabloids. Actually, I just hate their covers. I don’t even understand how they make money sometimes. Why do people take the time to read them anyway?

We looked at some covers during class the other day and although my favorite was ESPN magazine’s retro cover of Michael Jordan, all I saw was a bunch of clutter on the other ones. I don’t like to be misled. If they title says, “Ten Workouts for the Working Man,” I expect that exactly. I expect ten workouts that are geared to help the average working class citizen get a decent workout in while dealing with a twelve-hour workday. Maybe I am being picky, but I plainly don’t enjoy tabloids at all. Reason number 2 coming right up!

Many times the cover has a sidebar that says, “Exclusive photos.” I’m a little confused as to why someone would want to see photos of a celebrities walk on the beach with their wife and kids. I guess I find it creepy that someone would want to look at photos of someone’s private life especially when they are literally just walking down the beach with their wife and kids. How exciting can a walk on the beach really be?

That is the face I get when I see tabloids.
That is the face I get when I see tabloids.

Obviously tabloids are popular because they stay in business which means people actually do read them, so maybe I am just not their target audience? (Hoping for brownie points in my magazine writing class for that one) I am obviously biased towards these tabloids because their primary purpose is to lure me into buying them with catchy titles and exclamation points, but they are kind of creepy. Pictures of celebrities can be interesting. People want to see what their lives are like at many points of the day, but how are pictures of them in their backyards or on their bikes interesting? 

Let me know because I am obviously lost in a cluttered world of tabloids.