This blogpost will consist of a medium-grade anxiety attack that derives from my upcoming graduation, acceptance to a graduate program, or my search for a career.

Everyone student goes through it, or most do. The bitterness of graduating comes with the need for a job and a paycheck because of something called “college tuition.” I’ve received every form of advice from every possible person, or at least that is what it feels like.

Just get your master’s degree over with because you may never go back.

A master’s degree makes you more valuable as an employee.

Don’t do a graduate program at your original university.

If you can’t go for free (or a little amount of money) you probably shouldn’t go.

Those four have come up quite a few times, but I am still not sure what I should do. I can’t even believe I am thinking about entering a graduate program considering I still feel like a freshman in college. I don’t feel as though I know enough to even be applying for a graduate program, much less getting accepted into one. Wow this is insanity at its finest. To add on to the insanity, I need experience to get experience…


I guess I asked for this. I went to a university and I reaped the benefits for a while but now I can deal with the pressure. It may seem that I am being negative, but I am just stressed out just like anyone else in my position. I am going to wrap up this semester and make decisions based on my research on what fits me best! In case anyone has the power to give me a job in the Student Affairs division on a college campus, or a high paying job in general, I am ready and willing to relocate. 🙂

On another note… Can’t I crawl into my sweatshirt and fall asleep?

turtle turtle
Yeah, like that.