“Ball is life.”

I used to hate the saying, and I practically mocked it during the entirety of my collegiate basketball career. Looking back, I would probably change the way I joked around with my friends about the game of basketball, and it’s importance. It isn’t life, but it absolutely made my life worthwhile.

This is my realm. Always will be.

People who didn’t enthrall themselves in a sport will plainly never understand. It isn’t a game, or a hobby, or even an extracurricular activity. I fill out a job application and they actually list sports under an extracurricular activity. It doesn’t fit if you ask me.

For me, every ounce of pressure on my shoulders was lifted after a game. It didn’t matter if we won or lost. I would be upset we had to put another notch under the loss category in our record, but you know what I mean. When I was out there I didn’t have to think about academics, missing my family, drama between friends, or even a girlfriend.

It was about US.

It was about what we worked for all those days in the gym, or in the weight room. It was about the hours we spent at night watching film instead of going out for a beer or attending a themed party. Everything we did, was for those moments.

So no, ball may not be life, but it sure made my life worthwhile. I’m about to enter into at least one year of coaching basketball. I can’t explain my feelings because I can’t quite compartmentalize them yet. I guess I will have to write about it. This is the start of a journey for me, as well as for the players. I’m looking forward to seeing where I can steer them.

Just for old time’s sake. Here is a video that a friend Mike Kowalski made of my team’s season. I left the link to his youtube profile below.

Imagine Creations