It’s May again. A year ago I was experiencing the pre-graduation freakout that many future alumni go through. Now, I implore my fellow Cardinals and graduates alike to CALM THE HELL DOWN. It’s adult life, yes, but it really isn’t all that torturous.

My recent conversations with soon-to-be-adults have been interesting, but similar in the regard that my advice is always the same. DISCLAIMER: I understand I am in no position to give anyone advice about the successfulness of their post-graduate career because I haven’t actually accomplished the goals I set for myself prior, but that is actually my point! No worries. Before I give out any advice, I will explain.

My goals have changed completely. I graduated with one goal in mind. Become an academic advisor on a college campus, spend year after year sculpting the impressionable minds of free spirit college students, and enjoy life as much as possible. Two jobs and one move to the middle of Pennsylvania later, my goals (and life) have changed. I am now a habilitation aide for a 22 year-old with down syndrome and a basketball coach. Rewarding to say the least, but STILL not what I want to do. Again, no worries, I have time.

As you can see, I haven’t completed the generic definition of “success” so I put together some basic points of advice to help you all with your graduation anxiety attacks.

  1. Don’t let society, or your parents, tell you the month after graduation you need a well-paying job that you can stick with for the rest of your life. You might think you want one of those and you just might, but not having one is in no way a failure.
  2. Don’t ever, ever, be afraid to move a thousand miles away from home. Or about 906 miles away from home in my case. Being encapsulated by the protection that is my parents house is probably more fun than where I am now, but I didn’t know how to fend for myself. I’m learning that for sure. I was ready to take on a small town in Pennsylvania and now I am looking for my next challenge somewhere much more populated. Plus, you might even meet your Greg and get to introduce him to Colton, of course.                                                                               photo.jpeg
  3. You can always make more money. I’ve officially started running my financial life with a business mentality. Oh, I am running out of money? How can I make more? Where do I need to cut? OR I have a surplus of money? Where can I go? Who can I see? What Can I do? You can ALWAYS make more money. It’s just money. It will come and go. That is life. 
  4. Take a road trip to see a friend and enjoy the hell out of the alone time in the car. I’ve been to many parts of Pennsylvania, Alabama three times, Ithaca NY, Plattsburgh NY, Albany NY,  Binghamton NY, Virginia Beach Virginia, and some other places I can’t even remember. Sometimes you only have so many moments to simply enjoy the sound of your own transparent thoughts. Those times are extremely important. Cherish them.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST. This one is officially my motto and will be for a long time.

5. Roll. With. The. Punches. Because let me tell you that shit is just going to happen.Sometimes you will drop 600 dollars on a care you have never had problems with. You may not see your family for months. You might even miss your dog, a lot. And sometimes you will have to drive 2,300 miles in the span of 12 days, arrive back home, start throwing up an hour before a Skype interview with a corporate recruiter and alumni of our college, and have to plainly KEEP IT TOGETHER. Things happen, but it’ll be fine. You’ll find your way and life will be good.


That’s it. I could sit here all day and rant and rave about the more specific things in the postgraduate life that I have learned, but that is all for another post. I rather keep it positive anyway. 🙂

Mykul Mitch, out.