I’m finally getting back to typing out some nonsense in my spare time. This is happening primarily because I am sick of letting my drafts build up, so I might as well finish the pieces and release the insane amount of thoughts that go through my head, out to the world. That might be the only thing that keeps me from going blog-crazy.

Anyway, I’ve found out that I have absolute no damn clue what I want to do with my life or where I want to end up. I do know where I want to travel though. See Mini-Vacations 2k16. Somehow though, I end up in a small town in Pennsylvania. To accurately tell the story of how the hell I ended up in this little town in the middle of no where, I would have to take the time explain… Well, I don’t want to, so lets just go with it. I’m not here for long, that I know.

That’s because I am off to a new job starting in just under two weeks. I said I wanted to travel and with this new job, I’ll be traveling for at least a month every other month. I did say I wanted to travel. I’m moving, AGAIN. That’s not the important part though. The important part is that I have learned something while in the middle of Pennsylvania. I can’t ever leave somewhere with a recap of my experience, or without learning something. Time spent without learning is time wasted.

I’ve learned a couple things including…

  1. High School kids are insane on more levels than you can ever imagine. I thought I was weird, but a whole other level has been achieved.
  2. I know much more about life than I thought. This sounds arrogant, but the questions I am asked on a week to week basis, actually tells me that I know a decent amount of important information that I can share with people.
  3. Attacking life with any member of the female population by my side can absolutely, ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, wait. I don’t need a sidekick and I don’t want a sidekick. Chasing the opportunities that I have gained on my own has been much more enjoyable because I am motivating myself instead of hoping someone else will help me.
  4. You may never know how much someone appreciates you, until they realize that you are not there anymore. I will leave this one up for interpretation.
  5. I’m going to be successful in life. I’m out of college with the ability to not only pay my loans, but put money in my savings and travel the country while doing so. I’m living the dream and I’m just getting started. 5A. I worked for this shit. It is time I take the credit for it. Go me.
  6. I was able to take chances because my parents are awesome. Supportive isn’t the word for it. I’ll just stick with awesome.

I’m sure I have learned more than this small list and I think the last one I was aware of pre-blogpost. Either way, I feel like I am taking a leap of faith and becoming comfortable being uncomfortable, as my coach used to say. Whatever I am doing, I am enjoying it to the fullest.

Life is exciting, or maybe I am just doing it right.