A common theme portrayed by the college student and recent graduates is that we want to travel the world. It seems to me that everyone wants to adventure into the wilderness that is Europe, Australia, and China, amongst others. It is no longer a creative idea to go backpacking throughout Europe, in an effort to escape the states and find something outside their imaginative minds. In my opinion, it is the adventurous attitude that I find attractive in a person. The mere attitude that tells me they won’t shut out the idea of entering a realm they have never before experienced. That may seem dramatic, but that is the way I see it.

I’m here to tell you that although backpacking through Europe, or spending six months in Greece is possible, but we shouldn’t lose site of our surroundings. Throughout the last four years of my life, I have been to Alabama, Virginia, New York, Vermont, Georgia, New Hampshire, Florida, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and quite a few others. About am month ago, I drove to Pennsylvania from Alabama, down to Virginia and back, up to Skidmore college, over to Binghamton NY and back home to PA. Over 2,200 miles in 13 days.

Was I tired? ABSOLUTELY. Would I do it again right now if I could? HELL YES.

I don’t feel as though I have scratched the surface of the states in my country. Better yet, I know I haven’t. I’ve visited several states in the past four years alone, but I don’t feel as though I have explored them. In what is technically now my home state, I haven’t been to several areas to enjoy what it has to offer.

I guess I am here to remind the readers of Empathy Deserves a Comeback, to not forget your weekend trips. The four hour drives after work on a Friday can lead to a weekend that you’ll remember for a long time, tired or not. I know the past couple months have presented just that for me. Road trips don’t alway have to cost an exorbitant amount of money. Eating a couple ham sandwiches in a row to enable you to travel for the weekend is more than worth it. In an effort to organize my life plans and give myself something to look forward to, I have made a list.

Just a disclaimer by the way: The places you visit do not need to be “new” places. Old places bring new memories. I’m not always chasing locations, although all fifty states is on my radar.

Mini-Vacations 2K16:

  1. Auburn, AL – Hey mom, dad, and Jess, I know you are going to read this and yes, I am coming home to see you.
  2. Ithaca, NY – I’ve heard it is beautiful and I have traveled the roads of New York without visiting there. Now that I have a means to stay there for a weekend, I would like to make it there for a weekend.
  3. Milford, NH – Pumpkin festival weekend is something I miss more than ever. It has been far too long. Whether it’s for wings at the Pasta Loft, a Beerfest with Ezra, or lounging around with my friends Dan and Rishab, I will make it back there.
  4. Plattsburgh, NY – My friends who became family are graduating. I can’t wait to see that and continue to be extremely proud of them.
  5. Arizona – I told my Papa I will make it to the Grand Canyon and I will. It may not be soon, but it’ll happen. (I understand this isn’t a mini-vacation.
  6. Savannah, GA – Atlanta isn’t the only city in Georgia, but that is all I have known so far.

These six trips are just the beginning.