In an effort to live a happier life, I have created a system for myself. I’m not saying this system works for everyone, or even for myself 100 percent of the time, but it is the system I use. This system is called, “Getting over it.” If you don’t sense some sarcasm in this title, please go back to the start.

I have lived a happy life. My middle school and high school careers were full of adventures, friends, and a couple of championships. I can’t complain about any of that. My four years at SUNY Plattsburgh were easily the best years of my life though. Although the championship train never arrived, I made life long friends. That was good enough. If you have read any of my posts before, you have seen pictures or read my words about these wonderful people. These are the people that taught me about my system of getting over it.

Getting over it is all about time. Like anything else I do in my life, it takes time. Why waste it? I won’t waste my time trying to convince someone to text or call once in a while so I can tell them about the last month of my life. In all actuality, it isn’t a big deal. I don’t have to force you to hit me up once in a while. Don’t get mad, just get over it. When I get over certain things, it usually takes much less time than other people that I deal with because I don’t want to waste my time.

If I am arguing with someone and they say something hurtful to me, I will get pissed. I am human. The difference is the length of time that I will stay angry. It won’t be long. Again, why would I waste my time? I could stay made at them for weeks at a time or I could not talk to them for a couple hours and say, “I’m over it” and let time roll on. That is pretty much my system. Plainly, shit happens.

Your mistake would be thinking that I forget what you have done, even after forgiving you. It’s possible to forgive someone, even if you cease speaking with them. In this case or at least in most cases in my life, I’ll forgive you. We may not speak anymore, but I forgive you.