Have I made you a better person in any way, shape or form?

I think about it often.

My family, friends, eventual ex-girlfriends and even my enemies have aided me in my improvement as a person. I feel it happening. I consciously choose to witness the acts of kindness that surround me during my work day, at the gym, and at home. If you have interacted with me in some way, I can most likely pick out even the tiniest moment in our lives that gave me some sort of new perspective about life, happiness or about any other meaningful topic.

And I think about it often. 

I’ve been to several different states and walked past a million different strangers. I’ve always wondered if they remember me. I couldn’t pick out the two old people that sat behind my friends and I at breakfast, on the day I officially left them, and Plattsburgh. I couldn’t pick them out of a lineup, but yet they left me with some sort of memory that I can vividly picture at any moment. They were full of happiness and satisfaction. Eating at a Plattsburgh diner was more than enough. I’ve tried to appreciate the things I have more since I saw the woman cutting up her husbands food for him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           They affected me in a way that they will never know about. That sounds kind of insane to me, but it is true. I never once spoke to them, but I got something out of their presence. And I think often about the fact that I may have done the same thing for someone else. Like I said, I have been to several different states and walked past a million different strangers. I wonder how I affected them, if at all. And if I did, was it positive or negative? We often hear people talk about wanting to change the world, but yet they neglect to acknowledge the fact that they can change the lives of people they come in contact with everyday without even trying. So, in case you we were wondering what I think about, which I know you weren’t… That is it.

And I think about it often.