I haven’t blogged in a while, but sometimes I just need to write…type…whatever.

DISCLAIMER: This blogpost is in the form of a rant. 

I ran into a tweet today that made my blood boil. It said, “I don’t see what black men see in white women.” Now, this tweet didn’t frustrate me (only) because I felt it it insulted white women, but it frustrated me because I would NEVER in my life say the same thing about black women. I would never say, “I don’t see what white women see in black women.” I am going to list a couple reasons why I would never utter those words.

1) I have too much respect for the black women in my life, or not, to ever say clump them together as a whole. I don’t know all black women in this world, therefore I won’t put them in a group together, although the friends that I love are beautiful people.

2) Black women are beautiful- I’ll come back to this statement because there are two statements that do not go hand in hand and I want to differentiate between the two, which he obviously did not do.

3) Value in skin color. Skin color doesn’t make your value any higher or lower when it comes to who you are in love with.

I digress.

The entire statement annoys me, so lets go back to number 2. Black women are beautiful. Oh, and white women are beautiful. Oh yeah, latina women are beautiful, etc etc etc. I think you get the point. Stop trying to devalue or decrease worth in an entire population of women! Black women are beautiful, absolutely, but that doesn’t mean that white women or any others are not!

One argument I saw was, “black men who find a white women, could have found everything they need in a black women.” Well guess what society, being in love isn’t just about what a person needs to survive in life, but also about what a person WANTS to be able to thrive and be happy. I may someday find a black women that I would like to be with for the entirety of my life… That in NO WAY devalues the population of white women in this world. The reason I would be with a black women isn’t because white women are not valuable, or cannot give me what I need. I would be with that person because I connect with them on a level that I could not do with another person. I don’t understand how that makes white women any less valuable. Anyway, I think that statement is plainly ignorant. Stop trying to show value in one race by degrading and decreasing value in another.

Women; Your worth is not dependent on your skin color. Your worth to your significant other DOES NOT change based on the color of your skin, and portraying that it does is completely wrong.

-Mykul Mitch