The way I push traffic to my blog is probably pretty annoying, but at least it’s working. As a public relations student who is nearing graduation, I might have to drive traffic to a website someday. In all actuality, this blog is for me and my future!

Lately I have been noticing how much positivity came out of making this blog. I’m learning a little bit of code, (even more than I did in web design class…) I get to speak my mind freely, show people what I think, and maybe even inspire a couple people. I even gain perspectives from all directions considering I follow some interesting people on wordpress.

I think that is awesome.

This post is just a little reflection. Just a little tidbit of positive information that seems to be a rarity lately. I’m not as worried about little things right now. Well, not as worried as I was at least, but this is a time that is full of decision, decisions and more decisions!

Graduate school? A job? Run away? (just kidding)

This last month of my collegiate career and I am starting to get excited. Yes I do have some brief moments of freaking out which last a couple days, but I know I can do this! It is just going to take time and hard work. If I keep reminding myself of that, maybe I will avoid the minor anxiety attacks that have riddled my week lately.