“Howler Magazine” comes out four times a year for an extremely large audience. After hearing about the relatively new magazine’s visuals that blow most others out of the water, I figured I would take a look.

http://fifa.wtf/1NzrTrp (scroll to the bottom to find Tim Howard’s cover photo)

First off, I found that cover picture which (to me) speak volumes about the magazines design. The graphics that riddle the pages of this magazine are nothing short of amazing and unique. The one I pasted above is straight from the Howler Magazine website and is labeled as the cover to the Winter 2015 issue which will be published later this month. Now, I am not a big graphic design fanatic, BUT over the past three years I have lived with and became best friends with two graphic design majors who have taught me to appreciate the skill.

Personally, I haven’t subscribed to any magazines in the past, but after scrolling through the articles and relevant information that “Howler Magazine” puts out on their website I might think about it. US soccer has gained interest in the past years and I think Howler taking chance at soccer diversity in their Winter cover photo will help out a lot.