I am absolutely loving Curth Schilling’s Blog. Relatable and meaningful material on here. I suggest you take a look.

38 Pitches

My 15 year old son is on the spectrum of autism.

Can we just change that word from Autism to world changing brilliance?

I am unsure of any way I could be more proud of any of my kids, ever.

He just put this on his FB page…


I explored every social media site I possibly could to see if anyone could have any possible portrayal of what happened to my sister ( Gabriella Schilling ) that made her or my father ( Curt Schilling ) like the bad guy. Oh god how wrong i was, i wanted to see if anyone had the audacity to defend these trolls but no, for every single post about what happened with my father about stupid religious rants or his apparent “whining” ? About the hall of fame, there were so many posts that spoke about how he acted as though…

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