It seems that many college student seem to have some of the same answers when asked what they want to do after college. I know many of my friends say they would like to travel a little bit before settling down, although it is hard to find the funds to do so. Whether you are traveling with a friend or going on a family vacation, you need to know where to go and where to stay.

“Conde Nast Traveler Magazine” has articles that vary from hotel ratings, tips for travelers and places to go. Personally, I have always wanted to travel to Florence Italy and post-college might just be the time to do it. This magazine might be a good reference to find out where I want to go and where I want to stay. They also post beautiful pictures in case you would like to daydream about your stay in Florence instead of binging seasons of Friends all day.  

These posts are not limited to other countries though. If you are merely going to Maine for a weekend (which for the record isn’t my favorite vacation spot) “Conde Nast Traveler Magazine” has some recommended restaurants just for you.

I haven’t been much of a reader of magazines, but given the fact that I would like to travel in the near future to somewhere I have not been, subscribing to this helpful magazine might be an option.