The February issue of “ESPN Magazine” starred JJ Watt and Katy Perry, which for me added a new perspective about the two. I am a public relations major which makes me skeptical about famous people in general. Crisis public relations representatives twist the arms of celebrities to make them sound humble and educated when in actuality it is just an act. For example, Roger Goodell. As the Ray Rice situation unfolded, the filth that is our NFL administration unfolded as well. This is one of those times that you have to sit back and listen to an important person read off a script that they indeed did not write. Everything that came out of his mouth sounded like the “correct” thing to say, but it did not seem genuine. The major details that were released after his speeches would shed light on the inaccuracy of his statements as well. In my opinion, the interview with Katy Perry and JJ Watt sounded quite the opposite.

The talk was about success. Both say they dreamt of their current careers when they were young and state the key success is a work ethic that can’t be stopped. “As you go along, you kind of start to realize what it takes. That’s what the day-to-day is. It’s the stuff that nobody sees on TV. But that’s the stuff that really makes you great,” Watt said in his interview.

We often see a small percentage of a superstar’s life. We see their life on camera. For Perry we see a perfectly scripted singer who rocked the stage at the super bowl. Watt is portrayed as a tough and crazy bulldozing defensive end. The picture of him bleeding and screaming after making a big play against Seattle is his most famous snapshot but what happens when the adrenaline goes away? We don’t see the struggles. We don’t see the late nights and early mornings. My point is we are too quick to judge a person based on something we see on television, or read about on twitter. Celebrities are real people just like anyone else. I’m sure they read the comments on instagram, twitter etc. Why do you think many celebrities have either a drinking or drug problem? It is no coincidence. I think “ESPN Magazine” did a great job capturing the personality of both Perry and Watt. It gave readers a real-life look at who they are as people in comparison to their celebrity self.

The next time you think of a celebrity as arrogant or rude, think about the nonstop pressure they have to be perfect. People are screaming their name, flashing cameras in their face and asking for autographs during a large percentage of their time. You would think we would give them a little bit of a break before scolding them because they became frustrated on camera considering the attention they are given on a day to day basis. Just something to think about.