Six months ago I sat on my computer for hours at a time complaining about having only three weeks to get in shape for basketball. If you don’t keep up with my life (which you probably don’t) my last year of basketball is going just fine. Six months ago seems like years ago though. That is due to the fact my semester a hell hole of a semester. From an extremely long preseason, a breakup and a tough academic semester, I was ready for it to end.

Good news though. I’m getting back to the old Mike and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. I figured out recently that no matter what happened in the past between you and someone else, if they aren’t willing to be there you should let them go. Between that realization, a good start to a basketball season and maybe a new girl, I’m doing alright. Reminiscing about the past year used to be hard to do, but now all I think about is my future. If people in my past haunt me forever, I won’t ever succeed. I still want to work in Student Affairs on a college campus, I still want to be happy with someone and I still want to return to the fulfilling life of happiness that I once felt I had captured.