So what I haven’t blogged in a while. I’ve been busy, which in all reality is a complete lie to the blogging world. I’ve been sitting in a college town full of nonexistent drunk kids, dribbling a basketball, eating pizza and playing video game until my fingers go numb. I’m surprised I even like playing FIFA anymore, but somehow I do.

So, heres the thing… I am going to skip the extremely cliche New Year script (because I am late) and go straight to telling wordpress what I’ve learned in the past two weeks. It’s about “best friends,” or lack there of. If you have read my blog before you know that most of my posts are about my friends (because they really are that awesome) and about other problems I have with the world. I have plenty of problems with the world, BUT I will never lose faith in humanity… as I’ve said before. So, my mini new year’s resolution was to be a little more cut-throat, I guess. Not rude, but blatantly obvious.

Back to what I’ve learned in the past two weeks though. I say I learned this in two weeks, but I think I realized it in the past two weeks and experienced it over the past three years. So, here it is… best friends are the MOST REPLACEABLE people on the entire earth. Don’t get ahead of yourself though. I am not implying that every best friend you have should be replaced at one point. I am talking about that best friend that plain and simple, NEVER SHOWS UP. I’ll make it short and sweet though!

If a person doesn’t think they can ever lose you as a friend, they will stop doing the things that made them your friend! If a person doesn’t show me they want to be in my life, they are getting the boot! And I don’t mean das boot because I don’t share beer that often. In all seriousness, I am going to stop trying to keep up with people that become nonexistent in my life. I am trying to get into grad school, pass classes, play basketball, have a job and a social life. I don’t have enough time to chase people around like they are my children. Guess what, I’m childless and I am going to stay that way for a while thank you very much!

So, there you go. That is my New Year’s resolution, I guess. I’ll be blogging more for sure, but hopefully I will have something more positive to blog about soon. If not, I’m not worried about it.

Until next time, whenever I decide that is.