“Lyrical miracle since they cut my umbilical, still a fool with these syllables. Guess you think cause I’m spiritual, I won’t cook up a batch of these bomb atomically chemicals.”


This is a lyric from the song, Fire in My Heart by Gemstones and it has changed the way I look as rap as a whole. (at least for a little while) I found Gemstones on facebook because a basketball player I knew from New Hampshire posted something about him. Knowing he is a very spiritual man, I was interested to know what kind of rap song he would be posting because everyone knows, mainstream rap is mostly about the amount of money they have/shooting people. (Not what I thought my friend would be listening too.)

I started searching around after I saw the post and found Fire In My Heart, which actually uses the Adele chorus from Rolling in the Deep, which I also enjoy. I also posted the cover picture of his album, Elephant in the Room.

Anyway, He starts off kind of slow and then he unleashes bar after bar of lyrical genius. Also, he has several messages that are more than worthy for other rappers attention. He preaches that rap is out of its form and also that he will not conform to what this society tells him to. I can’t even really explain the amount of passion and anger that went into this song, but I think it is best if you take a listen. I posted the youtube video that has the lyrics with it as well so you can read along if you would like.