It has been one of those semesters that I have found out more what is wrong with the way I live rather than the opposite. Also, if you are going to jump onto my blog or facebook and tell me, “But Mike you are perfect the way you are,” because many times people do that… Just DON’T.

This isn’t an angry post about hating myself and thinking I am a terrible person. This post is about my realization. This post is about societies expectation of what I am supposed to be and telling those expectations to screw off. In the past I have wrote about redefining what it means to be a man and societies expectation of men and women alike and I will probably continue to do so because I am interested in the topic.

Anyway here is a FACT: I’m not perfect the way I am. That isn’t embarrassing, wrong, or painful. It’s realistic. I fight with my friends all the time, argue with my classmates, and sometimes lash out when having a bad day. I complain too much. I’m a hypocrite sometimes. I don’t bring my clean laundry down from the laundry room and I NEVER turn off the oven when I am done cooking. (My mom would absolutely hate to hear that.)

I’m not perfect, but I am not ashamed. Sometimes a friend needs to tell you that, for you to understand that being aware of your flaws does not mean you are unconfident, but you are more aware. I have to stop being afraid to be incorrect. Stop being afraid to change my view, opinion, or outlook on entire situations. I feel as though the world has been telling me for so long that it is not okay to be incorrect or not okay for others to “win” because when others win, you lose. That isn’t always the case.

This is the one time that I throw out a White Men Can’t Jump quote about how sometimes when you lose you really win… Sometimes when you win you really lose… and sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie. My paps is really going to enjoy that one. 

Just admit it, you have flaws. If you don’t do the minimum and admit it, you’ll never actually change.