Men need to be tough. They need to be filled with testosterone. They have to be tall, muscular, love football and hanging out with their boys in the “mancave.” Oh and if you aren’t swapping stories about how you got drunk and had sex with the cute girl in your psychology class, you aren’t a man. SHUT UP. I’m officially disgusted with the stigma that men have to be these tough, emotionless creatures. I’m done playing into societies expectations of what a man is supposed to be like. Even more, I am disgusted that I have played into societies expectations for my entire life.

I always blame men. I know that. Maybe I should blame the structure of which manhood was built upon and not the men that populate our world. I blame both. I blame myself. All the men and women out there, think about the normalcy of these events.

Some college guys are talking in the locker room about this past weekend. Everyone went out together but not everyone left the club in one group. One guy saw his friend talking to the girl from psychology class so he asks, “You bring her home bro?” The guy says, “Nah I’ve been dating my girl for a year and a half, I don’t cheat.” Everyone sucks their teeth and says what do you mean you don’t cheat?

As if staying loyal to a girlfriend is a negative! This is what we have created. We created an atmosphere that tells men that loyalty to their partner is a NEGATIVE! Men have to get with girls because that is what men do right? We walk around looking for a partner to have sex with and then “it’s on to the next one,” as Jay-Z would say.

Men are supposed to be tough, emotionless creatures. So what happens when someone dares to be different? What happens when a man decides to go out and dance with friends and walk home alone? GAYYYYYYYYYY. Yup, he must be gay because if he doesn’t like trying to have sex with girls from his psychology class, he must like guys. I wouldn’t call him gay. I would call him a real man.

Think about all the stuff that men aren’t able to do without being criticized heavily by other men. I like to write poetry, I cry sometimes because in general, I am a sensitive person. OH NO, I can’t be a man because men aren’t sensitive. THAT is what we tell men in our society. We wonder why men are walking around with angry thoughts. We are angry because we can’t be ourselves. If you we act anything like the real person that sits inside of us, we will be criticized to the point of self-hate. I won’t hate myself. I won’t let people tell me because I am different, I am not good enough.

I dare you to be different. Better yet,

I dare myself to be different.