Everyone is willing to post on facebook and Twitter and every other social media site about how our world has lost all civility. Everyone is willing to tell their friends that they wish people were more compassionate and empathetic towards others. Everyone is willing to point out that our society has a problem. WE KNOW WE HAVE A PROBLEM. 

People act as if they should receive a Nobel Peace Prize for their vague simplification of the fact that our world has problems. Yeah, we know we have problems. Although not everyone is self-absorbed or rude, I can think of too many people that are. I have a friend that tells me she thinks I am a hypocrite. She is the one person that will blatantly call me out and exploit my flaws, which makes her good friend in my opinion. She tells me I am a hypocrite and of course she is correct(ish). I am a hypocrite. The difference is I actually try to improve.

I’m not putting my self on a pedestal. Actually, I don’t want any credit. I just want people to realize. Come to the realization that not only is there a problem, but we are ALL part of it. I am part of it, you are part of it. Your parents, friends, cousins are all part of it. A person cannot walk around campus asking anyone (acquaintance or not), “Hey how are you?” without being looked at like a “creep.” By the way, I didn’t make that up because it happens to me on a daily basis. It happens at least a couple times a day. 

How is a person supposed to be compassionate to others if they can’t talk to them without being labeled a “creep or awkward?” Is it even possible anymore? The more I post about people losing faith in humanity, the more the topic annoys me. I like to think that love always prevails, but why do we wait until tragedies happen to love other people? I know you want to do something with your life and you have been told that time goes buy so fast that you need to hurry, but that is an excuse because helping doesn’t always mean dropping everything to help disaster relief efforts.

If you can’t take the time to thank someone, ask someone how their day is going, you are a huge part of the problem. People are building a disconnect between each other. Everyone has headphones in and a good day is based on 15 seconds of fame instead of productivity and compassion towards others. This post really isn’t going anywhere though. This post is based on my daily frustration on my campus.

Label me as a creep and call me awkward. I do not care. The structure that I build myself on is soaking in empathy and compassion and I won’t change that. Even as I start SETTING SIGHTS ON MY FUTURE CAREER. I won’t lose the time to show interest in other’s lives. I’m not perfect, but at least I am trying. I suggest you do the same, or your kids will be living in a world much more disconnected than our own.