I learned something in class today. I feel like the boy that comes home after middle school and is asked by his mom, “What did you learn at school today Mikey?” (That is what they used to… or still do call me, by the way.) And then I get to actually tell my mom something that I learned instead of saying, “Uhm, I don’t knowww,” and go outside to play basketball. So, it is a good day because I learned something in class today and I want to share it with you. Although I am a public relations student, I learned something about life and not PR.

The class is called Leadership communication. The teacher may not be the most exciting person in the world, but he did get one thing crammed into my mind today. I’ve been thinking about it for most of the day actually and also let it leak over into my basketball-filled lifestyle. I am always trying to take thing from class or life in general and apply them to spesific  parts of my life as a college student.

“It is easy to lead when everyone is healthy, fed, and well rested.”

Every year it happens… We start basketball season with around 15 players, give or take 2 or 3. Everyone is getting along, playing pick-up ball, and hanging in the locker room together. Then we start to practice. everyone gets tired earlier and in the day. Midterm exams roll in and all hell breaks loose. None of us want to have a breakdown during exams or class or at home. Who wants to ever break down in the first place? We get to practice at about 5 in the afternoon and all of our energy is gone. We are sick, tired, sore, and hungry. Then someone goes up for a layup and gets smacked in the face, pushed, or practically punched, and it sets off a trigger. All sense of composure is lost.

It ends rather quickly though. We usually realize it is just a foul and we are just sick, tired, sore, and hungry. “It is easy to lead when everyone is healthy, fed, and well rested.” It is also easy to play compose yourself. It is easier to play well. It is easier to practically everything. It is EXTREMELY hard to be productive when you are sick, tired, sore, and hungry. That is what life is all about though. People are not recognized because they had an easy time accomplishing a task, whether that task is graduating top in their class or a college basketball championship.

Life isn’t suppossed to be easy. We all have our challenges and we all have our flaws. This basketball season is going to be the hardest and hopefully the most satisfying season of my life. I am going to win with my teammates and I am going to lose with my teammates. What really matters is where do we stand at the end of the season? Did we crumble when times got tough, or did we perservere?

I like to think we will perservere.

SUNY Plattsburgh Men’s Basketball 2013-2014.