If you haven’t read about Michael Brown and the shooting by the Ferguson, Missouri police department, I suggest that you do so now. I’m not going to tell you the entire story as to what happened to Michael Brown because this isn’t journalism, it’s blogging. This post is to tell you what I think about the police in ferguson and around the country. I also want to spew some hatred towards white America because I think we have officially dropped the ball.

First, get it out of your system. If you are going to comment saying that black people bring this on themselves or cops shoot too early because they always feeling threatened… Do me a favor and go back to being an undercover racist somewhere else. That isn’t the point of this post. Call me a coward for not wanting to hear your comments. I DO NOT CARE.Ferguson

Picture by: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Fact is, he was shot over 30 feet away from the vehicle, was unarmed, and had already been shot at least once before that. I want to ask a question now. How “threatened” can a police officer feel when someone is running away from you after you have already shot him at least once? Can an injured man who is running away from you, really feel that threatening?

I don’t know how you can answer yes to that question. And if you can’t answer yes to that question, then Michael Brown was murdered. Here is my other problem. What is one of the first things that the police department does when a murder happens? I would guess they look for eye witnesses, but maybe I am wrong.

Picture by: Trymaine Lee for MSNBC Dorian Johnson

Dorian Johnson (above) was the young man walking with Michael Brown. He witnessed the entirety of the confrontation and shooting. He has done three different interviews, one with MSNBC, but hasn’t been interviewed by the Ferguson Police Department. It seems that everyone knows the details of Dorian Johnson’s story except the Ferguson Police Department. This tells me that the police department is NOT putting effort towards investigating this incident murder. 

My problem with white America starts right there. If this kid was white and the closest eye witness hadn’t even been interviewed yet, there would be a much bigger problem. White america would be moving heaven and earth to find out why and change it. I don’t see white people making a social media presence for Michael Brown because they don’t care. I find this to be a problem. Where is the humanity in all of you? I don’t see blog posts about this murder, tweets about it, facebook posts about it; I don’t see posts from white people that is.

ferguson hands up

Picture by: Scott Olsen/Getty Images

If this were a white person, the uproar of white America would be much louder than it is now. This is what makes America the country that it is. Yes we have freedom. Yes we can speak out against any issue that we see fit. The problem is that the majority of white America doesn’t see the picture above as a problem in our country.


(Pictures are not mine and I give full credit to the photographers that took the pictures.)