I’ve written several posts about my surgery and how my ‘summer plans’ didn’t turn out to be what I thought they would. Unfortunately, I have more bad news. Although I haven’t been to the doctor yet, I am pretty sure I have another hernia. I am almost positive actually. It is annoying because all I want to do is get better at basketball and prepare to lead my team this year. It is my final year and I don’t know how I am supposed to be in shape for October 20th if I can’t work out until the first week of October. 

Plainly, I am completely frustrated. I’m done with the struggle of not even being able to go for a jog. If it takes me another two months to get running and lifting again, I won’t be able to take it. By october, I need to be in tip top shape and taking four months off isn’t helping at all. I’m starting to appreciate the things that I can’t do right now. So, I’ve learned my lesson. This physical nightmare is over now and I need to be nursed back to health now.

If only it were that easy.