My girlfriend was visiting me for a couple days, I had homework to do, and stuff to clean this past weekend. So, I admit it… I took a week off! 

I needed this past week to be relaxing and it definitely was. We were lazy as possible for the past four days. We did have some fun though. Two seasons of Scandal were watched and way too many ducks were fed. That is actually her favorite thing to do when she comes to Alabama. There is a pond a mile away from my house and there are about 50 ducks that are just waiting to be fed by yours truly. She doesn’t just like to feed the ducks some bread though… She wants to feed them a bread buffet. Two loaves of bread at one point were fed to the loud and sometimes ugly ducklings. I admit it is probably one of my favorite things to do with her. 

Scandal was our weekend highlight though. Sure we watched too much TV and probably ate enough chocolate and brownies for three people, but that is what we do. I don’t see her often given her living location, and my moving problem. We don’t need to go on a million-and-one expensive dates to have a good time. Playing with my dog, going swimming, and being goofy on the couch is enough for us. 

So yes, I admit I took a long break that made my views-per-day, practically hit 0. I don’t really care though because it was a great break from blogging. Anyway, I am back to blogging almost every day. I might be lowering the amount of posts I write per day though. My senior year will be starting soon so I won’t be able to write as much anyway. Might as well start now. It was a nice long break, but get ready wordpress, I’m back!