To trust someone and to always believe someone are two completely different ideas. It sounds like plain rubbish and if you decide to click off my page because that first sentence was vaguely disgusting, I don’t blame you… But if you leave now, don’t come back, you wordpress feign!!!!! Just kidding come back.

Like I was saying, to trust someone and to always believe someone are two different ideas. I’ll tell you why. I trust my girl friend. Okay, I get a little jealous sometimes but stick with the subject damnit! Say we are having a conversation about food (because we do like to talk about food) and she is talking about all the restaurants she likes. Well, I have no reason to second guess her decisions on what restaurants she likes or dislikes because why would anyone lie about that? Not only that but I have no reason to stop trusting that she is telling me the truth. Of course she is telling the truth because I trust her. She doesn’t lie. Ah, you see there is a problem there, because she does lie. See this is where trusting and believing cross paths. 

I believe my girl friend when she says that she loves Red Lobster because who am I to second guess her restaurant choices? Plus I trust her. BUT, when my girl friend tells me that she did not eat the last of the oreo cookies, there is one thing I no for sure…. She is looking me in the face and lying! There is no way she could have looked at the last four oreo cookies and put them back in the cupboard just so I can eat some oreo cookies later! Do you know why?? Because she likes oreos as just much as I do, if not more and I would never leave the last four cookies in the cupboard. 

So, this post really didn’t have anything to do about trusting someone or believing someone. I just miss my girlfriend, I’m excited to see her in three days, and I really want some oreos. I hope she brings oreos to my house on her way here. By the way, I know she reads my blog and that was my effort to get her to bring me oreos.

Mission probably accomplished. (stay tuned for the results)