This piece, (The Baby Factory) might be a little disturbing to you. Coincidentally, that is exactly why I posted it. This photoshopped piece was created by my friend, Luis Guadalupe. Since I started living with Luis while at college (two years ago) I have seen almost every kind of art he has produced. By far, this is my favorite. It has a unique message that induces forethought into the future of our society. 

Luis - photoshop

This picture forces me to ask one question. What kind of footprint am I leaving on the future generations that will soon be born into this world? Some may say the message leans more towards how industry is destroying the world for our kids. I take a more emotional approach. We aren’t just destroying the world; We are destroying the love that we have for each other. 

My tagline for this blog is perfect for the message of this post. ‘Empathy deserves a comeback’ is a message I am determined to get people to acknowledge. I thought this was the perfect chance to do just that. For our younger generations, we are leaving a world filled with negativity. We judge others and show no concern for the conflicts that other people deal with on a daily basis. With your negativity, you affect this world. 

It is never too late to turn things around; Never too late to make this world better for our kids. Often, I think of how I would feel for my kids grow up in the world that I live in. If I am scared of this world now, what will it be like years from now? Fact is, we can create the answer to that question.Does anyone actually understand?

Maybe not, but that is why empathy deserves a comeback. 

Thank you Luis for letting me feature your picture on my blog 🙂 

Lastly, if you would like to see some of Luis (and a couple friends) designs, you can take a look at the instagram account of @Hart_Studios 🙂