Some people have different opinions about this topic. I mean, duh Mike! Is t that always the case? Of course. My title may be a little deceiving but for the most part it is true. Let me explain.

I only edit my stories for spelling errors. That’s really it. If I have horrible sentences that shows me incompetence as a writer, I will fix it. Other than that, I leave my post as is. I think saving a post as a draft and editing it several times is worthless. Maybe not worthless if you are trying to drive traffic to your page because editing could force your writing to he more interesting, but that depends. How about we take ‘driving traffic’ out of the picture.

I ask myself why I started this blog? Why do I write and what do I want people to get out of it. Answer: I want people to witness my thoughts in explicit detail. My real, raw thoughts just how they came out of my head. I feel as if editing my posts will make me think, “What sounds good” (to drive traffic) instead of, “What do I think?” It all comes down to your goal as a blogger or writer. Some people call themselves something different. That discussion isn’t for this post, however.

That is my goal. I want you to witness my thoughts in explicit detail. It might be full of some errors, grammatical and spelling. I am willing to give you the opportunity to sift through my minor (or major) mistakes in an effort to witness ME. If you don’t witness my mistakes you aren’t witnessing the flaws in my thinking. Fact is I want to gain new perspective and I can’t do that without giving you mine, without doctoring it to make more people come to my page.

So, that is why I don’t edit my blogposts.