I have made amazing strides in every facet of my life within the last two years. That isn’t bragging, or maybe it is? That was actually a question by the way. This post isn’t me trying to tell you how good I have it though. This post is to show you how I got to this point. This post is for you to gain another perspective to throw in the piggy bank in the back of your mind. Actually the front of your mind because of the location of your cerebral cortex, but I digress.

I have a method that keeps me sane in most aspects of my life. Whether it is college, basketball or blogging, it works for me even though it may not work for you. I am choosing to share it with you anyway because it may become useful to you in the blogging world. Its my competitiveness. I use it every day. Currently (more so) in the blogosphere. I make everything a game. Not a win or lose game, but just a little competitive match with me, myself, and I. 

I made blogging a game. This may have been out of boredom, but as of now I don’t really care. Within the first 3 weeks of my blog’s life I had about 100 views. I wasn’t really satisfied with that. I made this blog because twitter doesn’t have enough characters and I want people to know what I think. Also, I want to gain new perspectives from other people. How can I do that if people don’t read my writing? So, I made it a little competitive.

I set goals for myself. I wanted to average 35+ views a day for the next three weeks. So, I crunched the numbers and found out that I had succeeded. So, I raised my goal. I wanted to average over 50 views and 20 visitors for this week, which started last wednesday. I am on track so far, averaging 61 views and 29 visitors. 

See, I could have just blogged for fun and the people who just so happened to read my blog would gain information about me. That just wasn’t enough. I wanted to connect and inform more people about what goes on on my mind. I challenged myself. I used my competitiveness on myself. I want to inspire and be inspired. What better way to do that, other than drive traffic to the one place where everyone can see your thoughts?

Competitiveness can be a huge positive for you as long as you keep it under control. Games against little kids don’t need to be competitive. Blogging doesn’t NEED to be competitive either, but did a little self-competition hurt anyone in the blogosphere?