Recently, I have ‘met’ some future students on wordpress and from what I hear they are all intimidated. Guess what ‘little freshman’ you have every right to be intimidated! Think about it, you are thrown into an educational war with thousands of other germ-filled students in search for your life’s purpose. If you are freaking out on the inside, it’s okay. I’m here to help. 

A little about me first. I’ll be a senior this fall at SUNY Plattsburgh in upstate New York. My university has about 6,000 students-ish. That is a ballpark. I am communications coordinator for our public relations chapter, I play on the men’s basketball team, and run my own charity event (that I designed) in the fall semester. My gpa is a 2.98 and yes, I am working on it. So, I will base my advice off of my experience at my university. 

First, I want to start with an obvious one. If you try to change for the people around you, you will not be happy. Don’t change who you are to fit in with other people. You will find people to tackle this thing they call ‘college’ with. So, here it is, enjoy! 🙂

1) Keep your dorm-room door OPEN. Even though you aren’t gutsy enough to walk right into someone’s room and say “Hi, I’m (insert name here) nice to meet you,” I guarantee someone else will. One of the hardest parts of college is meeting people. I made lifelong best friends this way. 

2) Be ready for people to be kicked out of college. From terrible grades to frequent arrests, some of your friends may only be in college for one semester. Prepare for it and learn from it. 

3) You might drink in college. It’s a possibility. If liquor has never passed your lips before, don’t take shots. I don’t care how big or heavy you are, if you’ve never taken a sip of alcohol, you shouldn’t be counting your shots on your arm. No one wants to be the person transported to the hospital with alcohol poisoning the first weekend.

4) Unless you live with and/or plan is to marry your high school sweetheart… part ways before college starts. It probably isn’t worth it. If it is meant to be you will get back in touch and fireworks will light up the sky once again. 

5) Call your family! This might be the most important advice I will give you. When you get an A, call your family. When you are home sick, call your family. When that girl/guy from statistics asks you to hang out, call your family! 

There’s my list. Although this is a short list, I think all of these are important to an upcoming freshman in college. Other than that, don’t be intimidated. All these students are just like you, except they have been there longer. By the way, those intimidating upper class students are they people that will be hiring you in the future… Make friends with them!