I haven’t taken a single step into the spectrum they call, “The Real World.” At this point in my life, I am a year or two away from catapulting into this unknown territory and YES, I am excited. I have accomplished more than I thought I could, but it started with some goal setting.

When I graduated from high school in New Hampshire, I told myself that I would do 5 things.

1) Make my parents proud.

2) Help someone.

3) Stay in contact with my best friend.

4) Play basketball in college.

5) Move away from New Hampshire.

From what I know, I have done all five of those things. To the best of my ability? Maybe not.

I stay in contact with my best friend from high school, make my parents proud(ish), play basketball in college and I even moved from New Hampshire to Alabama. (I’ll explain later) I think I even helped some people along the way.

My junior year at SUNY Plattsburgh was my most successful year. I found many things.

I found love. Not a partner kind of love. Although that too… I mean a love for life. I found a love for walking up and down the streets of Plattsburgh while soaking up the essence of what it is to be ALIVE.

Some may agree with the way I live. Some may not.

Either way, This is ME. Whatever that may mean to you.