On your way to success there will be those people that can’t find something good about you. Whether it is family, friends or the media, there is always something wrong. We see it more in the media because of our view of celebrities. The way they dress or talk is broken down and analyzed every day. It is something they agree to deal with when the enter the fame and fortune kind of lifestyle. People become offended by anything and everything they do. Aren’t they just people? Okay maybe some of them deserve the hardcore scrutiny that they receive, but doesn’t it change when you aren’t a celebrity? 

If I would of thought that a simple post on instagram could offend someone, I would have never downloaded the app. We can’t even write a blog post without offending someone! Maybe people feel like they need to say something or act against something if they care about it at all? Or maybe they are bored. I don’t know. 

You are going to offend people whether you are posting on instragram, facebook or writing a blogpost on wordpress. This is a FACT. So, what can you do to fix it? My honest answer…. You don’t even try. There is no reason to hold back your opinions just because someone will be offended by it. Because someone will ALWAYS be offended. There are billions of people in this world. Chances are someone will have an opposing opinion to yours. 

Let your opinions go wild. Write about them and talk about them on a daily basis. When someone disagrees, respect their opinion. Respect the fact that they are willing to give their outlook to you without being afraid of offending you. That is what giving your opinion is all about. You can’t avoid it offending people. It is going to happen.