It can kill you if you let it. It will destroy the way you look at yourself. Your thought process towards your path in life can do a full 360. How are you supposed to make any life choices when self doubt crawls under your skin like a parasite? 

With the media (and everyone else) telling you that you aren’t good enough, how is it possible tell yourself that you are? It is tough, there is no doubting that. What is easy to doubt is yourself.  Doubting yourself is probably the worst thing you can do. No matter what anyone says to you, your thoughts are always more convincing. When it comes down to decisions in life, who better to trust than yourself? 

I can’t go to college. I’m not smart enough. 

I can’t get that job. I don’t have enough experience. 

I don’t have a chance with that guy/girl. I’m not attractive enough. 

These are just simple examples. All of which can change your path to success and a happy life. I used to think that I couldn’t. I used to think that ten years from now I would be living a structured life because taking chances just wasn’t for me. Why? I doubted I could do it. 

Let’s vouch to never doubt ourselves. It will destroy you, make you crumble under pressure. There is nothing more attractive than confidence. (My opinion) Drop self doubt as soon as you can. It does no good for you. It will deteriorate you as a person.