My blog has not been up to par lately. I feel like my writing hasn’t had that emotion that is usually released into each paragraph. Not sure why. Is this what blogging is all about? Finding topics that are interesting or beneficial to you or your followers? Well it’s time for a little emotion because I am annoyed. 

Taking a quote from Pat Riley’s speech to his (old) players, “Everyone needs to get a grip.” Parents, I am talking to you! I’m a little old fashioned and I understand that, but what is going on in the world of parenting. 

I haven’t yet entered the incredibly confusing spectrum that they call parenting and I already have a couple problems with the way some people do it. Also, I want to make sure people understand my opinion on several different ‘kinds of kids,’ and the thought that parents are doing things wrong because of a hobby or interest a kid has. Maybe I am naive. Maybe I am clueless as to what parenting entails. Both are probably true, but I still think I am able to draw the ‘right from wrong’ line, even in parenting. You are all welcome to rebut my claims. Opinions are more than welcome. Actually, they are encouraged. 

For example:

If your kid tells you whether they get dessert or not, you are doing things wrong. Step up, this is parenting. This is not a debate. 

If shopping is a bigger priority than watching your kid act in a play, play an instrument solo, or play in a sport of their choice… you are doing things wrong.

If you handed your kid his/her first cigarette, you are doing things wrong. 

And the even juicier ones. (My opinions)

If your kids is gay… There is nothing wrong with you as a parent. Gay is not a negative, nor is it proof to improper parenting skills. 

If your kid is shy… There is noting wrong with you as a parent. Shy is again, not a negative, nor is it proof that you haven’t properly prepared your kid for the real world.

If your kid likes larping, dislikes sports, or enjoys wearing all black clothing… There is nothing wrong with you as a parent. The interest in any of those things is not proof of wrongful parenting. 

These kinds of claims are annoying. I make the first three claims because that is what I believe. If you can’t take that, keep scrolling. If you can and would like to rebut my claims, feel free to comment. This is something that annoys me. Just because another parents kid isn’t a sports playing kid, or an outgoing kid, or an American Eagle wearing kid… DOES NOT mean the parent is doing something wrong. 

This country (USA) prides itself on the diversity that it possesses. The diversity that not only the parents possess, but the kids as well. We aren’t all the same. Let me add, there is absolutely no problem with that. If we walked around assuming that we were all the same kind of person, this would not be America. 

Quoting Pat Riley again… “Everyone needs to get a grip!”