Anytime you want to learn about something in particular, where do you turn? Most would probably say, “The internet,” or more specifically, “Google.” I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that. Actually, there might be, but that is for a whole different blog post.

My problem is I have a difficult time sifting through all the dirt in an effort to find the gold. Symbolically, the dirt being the [hidden agenda] sources who throw out information with out any regard for truth or accuracy. The gold being the “real story.” When is the real story actually revealed though, if ever?

This hidden agenda type of writing is most frequent in politics. Because of that, I don’t know many people who actually want to be active in politics, especially my age. Many parents complain that their kids aren’t aware of political standings and what goes on around us. Younger generations aren’t going to do what it takes to find the real story. At least not many of them. Investigating articles and Presidential speeches is time consuming and ultimately worthless in their minds. But why does it feel worthless for them to read or listen?

Situations which happen a couple states over will have ten different branches of nonsense falling off of them. The political agendas of our government and its officials are filled with falsifying stories in a big pot of drama stew. It is one big effort to put their political party ahead, or hide themselves from the public, in any way they can. If they don’t feel like reading article after article, which gives them a skewed view of the real problem, why should they? So they become skeptical of every source. And do you blame the younger generations for wanting to create their own opinion or their own perspectives through experiences in other countries rather then our own?

I certainly don’t. 

Yet another question… How do you find the real story? The real, no holds barred story. The story I can give an unique and objective reaction to with my own views and beliefs. It is so difficult to sift through all the dirt that, (political) officials want me to read, I can’t even make an objective reaction or argument! If I were able to read the real story, instead of reading the cement wall with dirt-covered letters, I might feel differently. And then my teachers, friends and the rest of society is breathing down my neck, pushing me to get involved in my politically based world!  UGH. It is very confusing.

What are my beliefs anymore? I don’t even know. It seems my only choice is to experiment, or rather gain experience in order to build my beliefs from the structure up.

My real (and final) question is, What other choice do I have? 


Thank you Sam Mendes or for the spark in my thoughts towards this political deadlock that I am in. 🙂