Even though I try taking and/or learning something from everything; Creating a blog wasn’t an effort to learn anything at all. I wanted to up my creativity with a hobby that I have never done before. Plus, I am a public relations major and by suggestion of my teacher, I finally agreed to make a blog. So, here it is. You are reaching my creation of boredom during a summer that I am not even allowed to go on a run! By the way it’s killing me. Surgery sucks! 

Now that I actually have over 60 followers and over 700 views, I guess I will try to learn a little something. I am learning a lot about the people in this world and on the blogosphere. Even though I preach about how their are great people out there and the lack of appreciation for good people is because of the media, I noticed it more after blogging. I noticed how many great people there are. People who are ready to help others just because that is how they live. 

So that is what I learned I guess? I’m not alone. I’m not even a rarity. We have a world full of people who love others not because of what they look like but because the just love people. Even though I posted a picture on my blog, I could be anyone. Most of these people didn’t even pay attention to what I look like in my one picture. I could be anyone and they have chose to be helpful, appreciative and sincere in all of their comments. I think that is amazing. 

I did gain something. I guess I gained awareness. I am aware of the people that are in the blogosphere and in this world. I’m glad I made a blog. I’m glad I have talked to the people on my blog and I’m glad I follow people that I can learn from, blogpost by blogpost!