As I approach my senior year in college I have ongoing thoughts about my endeavors that will end my collegiate career. I’m not a person that works myself up about everything and then in turn blow up like a stress volcano. I at least let the overload of work enter my agenda book before I have a mini heart attack.

So here is my list.
1) Getting a job after my senior year.
2) Getting a job after my senior year.
3) Getting a job after my senior year.

Now that I got that out of my system.

4) This is my last basketball season. MY LAST SEASON. Unbelievable.
5) I will only register for classes one more time. (I registered for the upcoming semester already)
6) I don’t get to live with my friends anymore. That’s over with. No more coming home to friends screaming at each other while playing super smash.
7) After August 30th, I can’t be excited for my 21st birthday. It came and gone. “My first drink” is coming up way too quickly.
8) Dressing professional = (almost) everyday attire. Get used to it. It’s real world attire.
9) I can’t go to the downer to get food after this year. (Our cafeteria) Oh, and you have to make your food or buy it. No more swiping a card, unless you have a credit card.. Which still means you are paying for it.

And last but not least…

10) I have to pass classes before I worry about all of those (except #7,#4) Those will happen anyway.