George Hill is the NBA and plays on the Indiana Pacers. Although he is not in the spotlight of the NBA, he contributes to his team in all aspects of the game. He also contributes to the community as well. Whether it is contributing to the U.S or other countries, Hill does it all. George Hill is committed to fighting hunger through his work with Kids Against Hunger. Whether he is packing meals that are distributed throughout Indianapolis, or traveling to Haiti to help children, Hill does it all. But, why haven’t you heard about this yet? 2013 Global Games - Philippines

All we hear about is Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony. The terror of free agency is the only thing people care about when it comes to the NBA. People that do more for the NBA than anyone else (like Hill) aren’t acknowledged, except for a couple awards. These awards are the NBA’s way of acknowledging people for actions that they don’t care about. Excuse me. Maybe they do care, but it doesn’t make them money, so it isn’t on their list of priorities. The volunteer service and charity work might bring good public relations to the league, but advertising the millions of dollars donations and hundreds of hours community service that some players do might be better public relations than these awards.


Where are the big bonuses for players like Hill? ESPN continues to run the same story about the Lebron James free agency ploy which is just a huge scandal to gain publicity to a situation that everyone already knows about. Personally, I think the NBA has their priorities mixed up. BIG TIME. I understand that ESPN wants to advertise the “big happenings” of the NBA to keep the focus on them since it is off season, but why not take the off-season to commend the people that keep dreams alive for other people? These are our priorities ESPN. People like Hill should be on the front page. Where is the top ten plays for society? I guess I will take a quote from Pat Riley when he said, “Everyone just needs to GET A GRIP.”

Pay attention everyone. If you don’t, the amazing people in this world will be overshadowed and under appreciated by men and women of power.

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