Thank you very much Victoria! I really do appreciate it. If being a hippie puts me in the same category as you, I am completely okay with it. Maybe I need to embrace the word hippie, even though the definition isn’t what I thought. 🙂

My [redacted] Journey

July 6, 2015

Dear Readers,

Today I am hopeful (insert emoji here). I am hopeful because this young man is an example of our future. I enjoyed reading a particular blog this past weekend and I thought I would share. This blog, Mykul Mitch, is written by a young man from Milford, New Hampshire. His tagline is what caught my eye, “Empathy Deserves A Comeback”. This blog was either going to be really lame, or really worth my time.

I dig the concept of empathy. Our ability to not only understand, but to share the feelings of others is definitely an attribute of peace. Peace? For it. And I’m pretty sure dude, I’ll call him Milford, who writes this blog is for it, as well. I mean, he read the Dalai Lama and thought it was cool (see here).  Milford is inspired by the almost ordinary (see Inspired…

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