If you watch people fight in the UFC, we are much alike. I enjoy watching these athletes compete even if I don’t keep up with it on a weekly basis. I am sitting on my couch waiting for the Ronda Rousey V.S Alexis Davis fight because I am most interested in that fight. Uriah Hall and Thiago Santos were fighting and in the first round something disgusting happened.

Uriah Hall broke his toe. When I say broke, I mean his bone was sticking was turned the wrong way, kind of broken. It wasn’t something you want to look at. He kept kicking with the foot! By the end of the fight, his foot was bleeding from the bone being outside the skin. EW.

toe toe



Anyway, as he went back to his corner after the first round, you could see the bone popping out of his skin. He was obviously hurt but his trainers were convincing the ring doctor that he was completely fine. Somehow they succeeded. There are many people who would have quit. He could have quit right there and no one would have questioned him about it. All the training he did. All the cardio, weight lifting and agility drills could have went to waste, but he gutted up and got back in the ring.

There are times when you are faced with pain. A pain that may be too much for you. It might be emotional pain, or physical pain. You have one choice. It is the same choice Uriah Hall had. You can deal with the pain after the fight and win or you can deal with the pain after the fight and lose. That is your choice.

When you are in the fight for something that you have worked hard for, you will have that same choice. Be in pain and be a winner… or be in pain and be a loser. A little tidbit of advice before you make your decision…

Adrenaline is a great pain killer.