I don’t regret anything I did in my life prior to right now. I was growing up just like everyone else. The pressures of friends, high school and society were on my shoulders just like they were on yours. There were times I cracked under pressure and I know that, but having regrets isn’t even necessary. 

People often say they regret being with a previous girl friend or boy friend and frankly, I think that is the worst thing you can say as a person. That is a complete cop out. Think about the relationship as a whole. Don’t think solely about the good times or solely about the bad times. You have to reminisce in an objective way or else you are being biased. You are masking the lessons that you could of learned by anger and regret.

Sure, there were probably times you should have left. You may have given up for the right reasons in the end, but it could have been earlier rather than later. You might have wasted a month, or a year. For me, I wasted time trying to save something that was dead a long time ago. This post isn’t about my own objective outlook at my past relationships though. 

Personally, I think it’s annoying when people say they regret dating a person. How can you regret being with someone? When you started talking to the person they were perfect. You waited for that call or text from them every day. The only thing you could think about was being with them or the next time you would see them. Sometimes, your entire plan for the day would revolve around hanging out with that one person. You know why? Because you liked it that way. 

At that point in your life, that person was exactly what I wanted. That is why I will never regret being with someone. Although I look back and ask myself, “What was I thinking?” I don’t regret the relationship in its entirety. Any of my relationships that is.

Those relationships set the basis for the relationship I am in now. If I didn’t learn how to put myself out there for one person, I never would have for my current girlfriend. If anything, I am happy that I paid (in time and frustration) for the free trial of relationships. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Well, maybe not, but it definitely late the ground work for my current relationship. Don’t regret past relationships. Relish in them. Admit that the relationship you were in was everything you wanted and just like anything else, it changed.

A regret is nothing but you bailing out on a time that you want to forget.