My hometown of Milford, New Hampshire and the surrounding towns have been plagued by deaths of young kids in car accidents. I can’t put a number on it, but my high school career had it’s moments of pure sadness. Not that high school was four years of depression or anything, but the after losing two friends, I had lost faith. Losing faith is something I have preached that you should never do. I can honestly say that I lost all faith.

It was like nothing I have ever felt. I still haven’t felt that one feeling again even though I have been to a couple other funerals. It is unexplainable feeling. The two kids that past away were both people who made others smile on a daily basis. When I returned to the class that I had with one of the boys, it hit me. I would be saying, “What up?” to him when I arrived at class. There was a cloud over the class… the school… the town.

Everyone felt it and it couldn’t be avoided. It doesn’t matter if you knew them or not. So, everyone felt it and there was no doubting that. It always confused me why kids my age would still drink and drive after that. I’m not saying the crash that took two lives had drinking involved because I don’t know the details. So, that isn’t what I am saying, but we know it was in a car at least. Everyone knew what the feeling was like. So, how do you put yourself in that position?

Some of my friends would drink and drive. It always confused me. You felt “The feeling,” and yet you still put yourself in the position to be taken away from your friends and family. I don’t get it. Some of the younger kids from my hometown that I have on facebook or instagram post pictures of themselves drinking and driving. I can’t help but think they are stupid. I know people do much of their maturing after their high school years but maybe we should try to start earlier.

It’s a simple idea. Don’t do it. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Someone be the designated driver. Take one for the team. We don’t cherish life enough. We play around with our lives like we have another one to live right after. That town needs to smarten up and the surrounding towns as well. Sometimes taking control of a situation will literally save one of your best friends lives. I’ve been in the situation before and I am glad I acted the way I did. Drinking and driving is probably one of the worst if not the worst thing you can do as person.

Grow up a little Milford, New Hampshire. That feeling isn’t a good feeling. Just take my word for it.