I was asked if I am a hippie last night. I said, “I don’t know exactly what a hippie entails, but do you mean like a (move cross country to find my purpose) kind of hippie?” They said yes … I couldn’t help but laugh. How anyone could think I am a hippie is beyond me. Although I am a believer in the free-spirit attitude (If it works for you) that doesn’t make me a hippie.

Some people can live a perfectly happy life as they travel to another country in search for a cleaner, more natural way of life. It’s just not for me though. I support people who are able to do it. They live simpler and probably more healthy lives. But no, I am not a hippie.

I am just a regular guy. A regular guy that is on his way to receiving his bachelor’a degree in public relations. A regular guy that wants to become an academic advisor on a college campus in an effort to impact young professionals lives in a positive way. I want to make an impact.

Planting the seed of empathy and education in a generation that is changing the way the live and love. I’m glad I know what I want to do.

So, a hippie? No. But do I understand people who want to live that lifestyle? Yes, and I might even be a little jealous. It’s possible. Luckily, I have my plan for life, at least for now and it doesn’t involve moving across country or to another country to live the free spirit life.