It fills the veins of our higher ups. Or what you would call our higher up. It creates noting but problems for our families, our friends and our society as a whole.

We can’t run away from it. We are all wrapped up in “getting ours.” Too busy to understand that others are in need. Then the other people who do understand don’t have enough to give.

I’m talking about greed. It fills our people like the blood that runs through us. We are too quick to take. Not quick enough to give. Everyone has their hands out, ready to receive the help that they desperately need so much. But what happens when others need? What happens when the people closest to you are ready to break into shambles only to fall at your feet?

You don’t have to give everything up. You don’t have to give every resource you have worked your whole life for, to someone who may not return anything to you. Support is enough. Motivation is enough. If we lose those things, we have lost it all. There will be nothing left.

Don’t lose your support for others. Don’t lose your ability to motivate.

Losing your ability to support and motivate is the acceptance of failure for the people closest to you.