I usually don’t brag. But since I am not bragging about myself, I will accept my attempt. I just had surgery this morning and even though I am in much more pain than I thought, I can still type. Being able to blog definitely made my day. Well, it made my day better, but something else made my day. By the way, I’ll be blogging a lot while I am off my feet.

She didn’t need to, but she sent me a box of stuff today. It was easily the best part of my day and this is why I love her. I would of been completely fine with a phone call or a text, but she couldn’t help herself. She treats me better than anyone else and she treats people great in the first place.

She goes out of her way to make other people happy with no thought about the returned favor. With loans piling up and her first high school teaching job right around the corner, she is sending me gifts and working at a resort babysitting children. She is as inspiring as anyone I have met. She brought me to an Make-A-Wish event that (no coincidence) was run by her mother and a friend. The event was an auction of items that people donated. Inspiration filled the entire room. It made me want to cry happy tears.

Finally I understood what she meant by saying she was a “grant wisher.” She has told me before that she is a grant wisher for the Make-A-Wish foundation, which means she meets with wishers and sets up the wish and money that is needed to grant it. I’ve never done this myself, but in the future I absolutely will. She has showed me what kind of person I want to be through example. Although we know it is too soon to say, we have talked about our future together in Charleston, South Carolina. (Where she got her teaching job.) One of the first things she talks to me about is finding somewhere to volunteer during summer or on weekends.

THAT is what she thinks about? Who does that? She does. I’m proud to be dating one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She is a great person, with a huge heart and a big brain to add to it. When you find that person that makes you want to be better in every aspect of life, do yourself a favor and keep them by your side. Trust me, it is worth it.