I have received some messages and tweets from people asking about my tagline, “Empathy Deserves A Comeback.” This world has lost its sensitivity to another person’s hardships. Learning someone else’s story, or the reason they act the way the do, has become the last priority on the list. So, I have been trying my hardest to become more empathetic towards anyone and everyone.

We don’t try to understand anymore. We say we understand, but we don’t understand and we don’t care. The person that bumped into us in line is automatically labeled, “an asshole.” Instead of labeling them, I have decided to give them the benefit of the doubt. They are probably just in a hurry, right? We always find a negative reason for another person’s actions, but when it comes to our own actions the opposite is true.

We have developed this mindset that being wrong is never okay. We can’t admit that we were late because we slept in or stayed out too late. It all ends with lying. It is a huge circle that resonates with disappointment. So, I have decided (for myself).

Empathy deserves a comeback. I’m trying to become more empathetic to the situations and conflicts that arise in another person’s life. Becoming more empathetic towards other’s hardships will help the levels of compassion skyrocket in a world that no longer understands or even wants to understand. This world can’t survive without empathy and compassion. If you don’t try understand the hardships of others, why would they even take the time to hear yours?

Empathy deserves a comeback, because what is this world without it?