He went out of his way to create a smile. It did everything he could do to make that little girl’s day.

And I judged him.

I don’t try to do it. Is it a first impression, or am I doing the one thing that I preach for people to stop doing? The hypocrisy makes me blood boil.

He walked into Hardee’s after I had ordered. He got into line and started complaining about service. I swore at him in my mind, telling myself that he was probably some arrogant man trying to get some free fries. Then he did it. He turned around and entered the conversation that a grandmother and what looked to be her four grand kids were having. The conversation was about getting some baked cookies. (50 cents each) She told them she didn’t have enough money.

He asked all 3 boys their names and then he turned to the youngest one, who was a little girl. He said, “Well what is your name pretty lady?” She said her name which I couldn’t hear. Then he made me feel like pure scum. He took out his wallet, gave two dollars to the oldest boy and said, “Here’s two dollars for your cookies. They are 50 cents each. You have enough for four, so you better take care of your siblings as well.”

And I judged him.

I couldn’t believe that after all I have learned, I couldn’t help but do the one thing that I hate the most. Maybe not the most, but close. Either way, he introduced himself, went out of his way to make them smile and bought their cookies.

I won’t tell you what to get out of the story of my lunch at Hardee’s. Take from it what you will. Either way, that man left Hardee’s yesterday thinking that he made those kids smile. But, did he know that he made me smile as well? Probably not, but that’s exactly what he did…

And I judged him.