I believe it is up to the similar population to make a change. That may not make sense, so let me explain.

I believe way to many white people are racist. Maybe I am stating the obvious. Like I said in my previous post, the burden of racism doesn’t target a single race. It is present in all of them.
(So this is just an example.)

I believe for white people to make strides toward becoming a less racist population, white people must stand up. That entails speaking up to people who say ignorant comments. If I hear a white person being racist towards any other race, I take it MORE personally. They represent me in society. The reputation that we have as a population is a corrupted, rich, snobby and racist population. How we do we live with that?

How do you sit back and let people step on others for their own benefit. I’ve learned so much from the south. I also understand that some old racist men, will never change. I haven’t lost faith, but I am being realistic. Donald Sterling will always be filled with racism. That is a fact.

If every time a white person in your school, group of friends or even in your company, said something seriously racist and you stood up with your peers… We would be making great strides. Instead we cower behind our sensitivity to “other views.”

I always say this, but I am not perfect. I haven’t done any of the things I have listed in the past, but I will.

This is what growing is all about. I’m going to grow. I’m done standing up for my people. I’m going to stand up though. Not for your people, or for my people. For our people.